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It makes its job!

A very good aplication

It Rocks!

Very good indeed!


Tut, was er soll !!!

Love it!

Great app. Very simple in use. Programmed wisely. Pleasure to use!

Great App

Great App. Easy to use and smartly programmed. Fine and easy tool for all travelers.

Currency converter

Great application which I use all the time ttibrian


The only thing that is missing is a historical graph and/or data. Otherwise a great tool.

Great app

I use this app all the time.

Great App

Everyone should get it!

Great currency converter

I travel all over the world for my work, and in the office I get quotes in many currencies, so I use this app while travelling and while at home. Stable and accurate all the time. Love it.

Great App

Does what I need.


A great tool. I found it unstable at times.

Currency Application is great!

Love the application. Use it all the time. Très pratique lorsque je voyage.

Neat Clean Functional

I use it daily.

Great App

Awesome app would be nice to have a graph to show fluctuation in currency.

Great tool

Excellent and helpful

Very useful

I use it regularily.

Excellent. Highly recommended.

I travel extensively and always bring the Currency Converter Pro along for the journey. It is a well designed, practical and easy to use tool. I can recommend it unqualifiedly. Moreover, the developer is very responsive to feedback. Recently I had requested the possibility of including the Cuban Convertible Peso into the Converters repertoire. Before I knew it, the present version - 2.2 is released with the addition of the currency most useful for travellers visitting Cuba. Very impressive work. Thank you.

Great time saver - well done

I have been doing some buying from Japan and was doing everything in US dollars but I shipping to Canada. Often it is a coin toss about being stung with the extra conversion. Now I am buying straight from Canadian dollars to Yen. Simpler and cheaper - Thanks

Does What it Should Do

Great simple ap!

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